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                      Printing or copier paper is an essential part of any office or home. It serves various purposes, including printing documents, making copies, and creating flyers. Copier paper or Printing Paper is a thin, high-quality paper designed to be used with copiers, printers, and other office machines. It is typically sold in reams of 500 or 1,000 sheets and comes in various sizes. Some of the most common sizes are A4 (21.9 cm x 29.7 cm) and A3

                      1. Properties to Consider before buying Printing/Copier Paper:

                        • Size: Standard sizes include A4 (210mm x 297mm) and Letter (8.5 inches by 11 inches).
                        • Brightness/Whiteness: Determines how vivid your prints will appear.
                        • Shade: Refers to the color tone (e.g., bright white, warm white).
                        • Weight (GSM): Grams per square meter; affects paper thickness and durability.

                      Let’s explore the JK Copier and Trident Spectra brands in the context of A4 printing paper:

                      1. JK Copier:

                              2. Trident Spectra:

                        • Trident Group offers a unique approach to paper production.
                        • Their Spectra series stands out because it uses wheat straw instead of wood pulp to create eco-friendly paper.
                        • Key features of Trident Spectra paper:

                      Both brands provide reliable options for A4 printing paper. Whether you choose JK Copier or Trident Spectra, you’ll have quality paper for your printing needs! 📄🖨️

                      Printing Paper (5)

                      JK Copier-75 GSM A4 Printing Paper (Bundle of 2+ Reams)

                      Rs. 730.00Rs. 770.00

                      Trident Spectra -75 GSM A4 Printing Paper (Bundle of 2+ Reams)

                      Rs. 700.00Rs. 760.00

                      JK Copier-75 GSM A4 Printing Paper (1 Ream)

                      Rs. 350.00Rs. 385.00

                      JK Copier-70 GSM A4 Printing Paper (Bundle of 2+ Reams)

                      Rs. 670.00Rs. 710.00

                      Roster Heavy Duty-75 GSM A4 Printing Paper (Bundle of 2+ Reams)

                      Rs. 650.00Rs. 996.00
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